About Dementia Friendly Prestwick

Dementia Friendly Prestwick aims to support people with dementia, and their families/carers, in Prestwick to be included and remain part of their community for as long as possible. We will achieve this through raising awareness of dementia locally, in order to reduce stigma and provide education and advice to local residents and businesses. Dementia Friendly Communities started in Japan. They are now being introduced in the UK and in other countries, predominantly in Europe and USA. Prestwick will be the first dementia friendly town in Ayrshire and one of the few in Scotland and worldwide.

A group of volunteers in Prestwick have set up this initiative in partnership with Alzheimer Scotland, local Health and Social Care Partnership and NHS Ayrshire and Arran. A Steering Group, Chaired by Ian Welsh OBE and an Implementation Group have been formed. Members have received Dementia Friends Training.

We launched this initiative in Prestwick on Saturday 4 June 2016. Download our latest Flash Report.



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“If we get it right for people with dementia, we get it right for everyone.”

Latest News

Alec Finlay on the Wind Vanes

Public art is an important part of the programme of changes we wanted to make to the seafront. Artist Alec Finlay was suggested to us as someone interesting we should talk to, and so began this lovely, creative relationship. We were thrilled to welcome him and poet... read more

Prestwick Promenade From the Skies

The group are delighted with the feedback they have received. Chair of Dementia Friendly Prestwick, Ian Welsh OBE said: “This project is one of a range of activities undertaken by Dementia Friendly Prestwick over the last four years to make positive impacts on people... read more

Dementia Friendly Promenade – Julie T

One of our founding members and Trustee, Julie Twaddell brings a lot of lived experience to our charity. Both her mum and dad had vascular dementia, and she was an unpaid carer for several years. She is a local activist, and this seafront project is hugely important... read more

Our Values

  • I live in a place that suits me and my needs
  • I am able to be as independent as possible
  • I get the help I need when I need it
  • I feel safe, listened to, valued and respected
  • I am empowered to do the things that are important to me

Values for our work are based on what people with dementia have said is important to them about a dementia friendly community.
(source: Life Changes Trust)