Legacy Partners

February 24th 2022 – a pivotal day for us. Life Changes Trust – a leading Scottish charity championing people with dementia, unpaid carers, and young people coming through the care system – made an important announcement: Dementia Friendly Prestwick... read more


Have you time to join our small group of volunteers? We’d love to talk to you. Description Delivering weekly ‘Bags of Support’ lunches to older people who may or may not be living with dementia and or their carers Main Duties: To collect bags from a Prestwick... read more

Dementia Friendly Promenade

Introducing our dementia friendly promenade, a fantastic collaborative project. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the public consultation, to Paths For All, South Ayrshire Council, Ayrshire Roads Alliance, Sustrans ArtsRoot Fund, artist Alec Finlay, poet Ken... read more

A summary of 2020

Our 2020 summarised January 2020 Our Monday walks continued, and our first one of 2020 was a wet and soggy one! Scottish charity, Paths for All, support two projects of ours: our weekly walks, and our dementia friendly promenade project* (see thanks and... read more

New App from NHS Ayrshire & Arran

If you want more information about dementia, and about local services, take a look at the new app from NHS Ayrshire & Arran. To get the free app, go to the platform you usually use to get new apps, and search for “NHS Ayrshire and Arran”. Download it,... read more

Paths for All poster

Carl Greenwood, Senior Development Officer at Paths for All, was asked to join a conference in November – SPARC 2020, Scottish Physical Activity Research Connections. He talked about the work we collaborated on around Prestwick seafront. This poster was created... read more

Alec Finlay on the Wind Vanes

Public art is an important part of the programme of changes we wanted to make to the seafront. Artist Alec Finlay was suggested to us as someone interesting we should talk to, and so began this lovely, creative relationship. We were thrilled to welcome him and poet... read more

Prestwick Promenade From the Skies

The group are delighted with the feedback they have received. Chair of Dementia Friendly Prestwick, Ian Welsh OBE said: “This project is one of a range of activities undertaken by Dementia Friendly Prestwick over the last four years to make positive impacts on people... read more

Dementia Friendly Promenade – Julie T

One of our founding members and Trustee, Julie Twaddell brings a lot of lived experience to our charity. Both her mum and dad had vascular dementia, and she was an unpaid carer for several years. She is a local activist, and this seafront project is hugely important... read more

Dementia Friendly Promenade – Jennifer and Libby

To be “dementia friendly” doesn’t mean “dementia exclusive”, and we love seeing people of all ages enjoy the changes we’ve made to Prestwick seafront. Here’s Jennifer and Libby. Both enjoy walks with their families on the... read more