Alec Finlay on the Wind Vanes

Public art is an important part of the programme of changes we wanted to make to the seafront. Artist Alec Finlay was suggested to us as someone interesting we should talk to, and so began this lovely, creative relationship. We were thrilled to welcome him and poet... read more

Prestwick Promenade From the Skies

The group are delighted with the feedback they have received. Chair of Dementia Friendly Prestwick, Ian Welsh OBE said: “This project is one of a range of activities undertaken by Dementia Friendly Prestwick over the last four years to make positive impacts on people... read more

Dementia Friendly Promenade – Julie T

One of our founding members and Trustee, Julie Twaddell brings a lot of lived experience to our charity. Both her mum and dad had vascular dementia, and she was an unpaid carer for several years. She is a local activist, and this seafront project is hugely important... read more

Dementia Friendly Promenade – Jennifer and Libby

To be “dementia friendly” doesn’t mean “dementia exclusive”, and we love seeing people of all ages enjoy the changes we’ve made to Prestwick seafront. Here’s Jennifer and Libby. Both enjoy walks with their families on the... read more

Dementia Friendly Promenade – Julie B

Listen to Julie Brown talk about how rewarding she finds her volunteering role with us. Connections are made, friendships develop, and we all feel better for it. Friendly dogs are welcomed on our Monday walks, too (providing all the walkers are happy to have dogs on... read more

Dementia Friendly Promenade – Myra and Betty

Prestwick residents – Myra and Betty – talk about the changes DFP has made to the seafront, and how our walks are “just right”. Thanks ladies! Both live in the retirement flats at the seafront, and both contributed hugely to the workshops we... read more

Dementia Friendly Promenade – Angela and Vera

Mum and daughter, Vera and Angela, have been friends of ours for a while now. They bring glamour, colour and smiles wherever they go…and we’re lucky that they choose to come here! Here’s what walking means to them. And Vera, best wishes for your... read more

Dementia Friendly Promenade – Elissa

A two-year-long project to make the Prestwick promenade more accessible for people living with dementia has unveiled three new wind vanes to coincide with World Alzheimer’s Day on Monday 21st September. Dementia Friendly Prestwick has worked in partnership with the... read more

Bags of Support

With some funding in place from the Scottish Government, we can provide weekly “bags of support” to people affected by dementia. They are free to receive, there’s no commitment, and we hope to tailor-make what we bring to your doorstep (contact free,... read more