Free Community Cinema for Everyone at Prestwick Picturehouse

We’re proud to announce the launch of our community cinema project – Prestwick Picturehouse – showing relaxed screenings of films, free for anyone who wants to come along! No tickets needed.

To start with, we’re showing films one afternoon a month, at the Community Centre. But with support, the project will grow and grow. We’re delivering the project with support from South Ayrshire Council and Place Partnership.

This will be a more relaxed cinema experience: the room won’t be as dark, the sound not quite as loud, and we have a second room next door if people want a break from the film. It’s OK to get up and leave, or to talk a little – there’s no shushing in our cinema. For people with hearing difficulties, please note that all of our films will be shown with subtitles. This is a cinema experience for everyone.

If you’ve not been to the cinema in a while, whatever the reason, come and try Prestwick Picturehouse.


Calamity Jane on 23rd September, 1-3pm

Wizard of Oz on 21st October, 1-3pm

High Society on 18th November, 1-3pm

White Christmas on 16th December, 1-3pm