If you’re interested in finding out more about us, pop in to the RAFA Club on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays (10:30am – 3pm), telephone us (07392 696 217) or email (hello@dementiaprestwick.co.uk) any time.

What we do:

Mondays is our most physically active day, with the option of a guided walk along the seafront from 11am. We’ve been organising these walks for four years, with trained walk leaders, and everyone is welcome to join us. We all head back to the Club for refreshments after 30 minutes or so. With plenty of volunteers, we walk at various paces to suit people. Walkers leave the Club at 12:30, and the members get ready for lunch.

Tuesdays are typically our “arty” days. Our activity room bursts into life with colour, paints, crafts and laughter.

Wednesdays, weather permitting, we’ll spend part of the day outside, tending to our raised flower beds. Or making seed bombs. Or, as a member remarked recently “making a heck of a mess”.

With staff and volunteers on hand, all activities are optional, and depending on what members and families want to do. Sometimes we play cards, listen to music, have quizzes and games. There are quiet corners too, for people to relax in.

Lunch is served around 12:45; homemade soup, and a selection of sandwiches made that day. If members want to help, they are welcome to. Refreshments are available all day; tea, coffee, water, cordials, biscuits and cakes. Occasionally there’s homemade tablet, too. We all eat together.

What we don’t do:
We can’t give medication, and we can’t assist with personal care. If that’s needed, then family/carers can assist the member.

Come visit us soon.

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