Dementia training

Dementia Friendly Prestwick is delighted to offer free, bespoke dementia training to groups and organisations in the town, to better equip the whole community to be able to help people to live well with dementia in Prestwick. 

We have partnered with Jim Baird From Alzheimer Scotland and have designed a programme that combines very practical guidance about communication do’s and don’ts with an overview of the many different types of dementia and how each progresses. Also included are dementia-friendly design principles, and how your business or organisation can make some simple changes to become a more accessible space for people with dementia. Further, Jim has access to innovative aids that create situational training opportunities for your group, and help you realise the challenges faced living with dementia.

Jim has a wide experience of delivering awareness sessions to schools, businesses, community groups, voluntary organisations and allied health professionals. DFP can offer this training free of charge thanks to a grant from South Ayrshire Charitable Trust so take advantage of this opportunity by booking now. Sessions typically last 1-2 hours and can be booked by contacting Julie Twaddell on or 07484 788439.

DFP is quickly becoming recognised as an exemplar for dementia friendly communities and, as such, we will certify every group completing this training as DFP ambassadors – participants will receive a pin badge, organisations will be able to use our logo on their branding and can display our window stickers to demonstrate their commitment to making our town a truly dementia-friendly community.